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Expert civil Lawyers

Core Area - Civil Law

We at Onlineadvocateindia are one of the prominent names in Chandigarh Legal circle for civil matters and is first and obvious choice, when It came to engaging any civil lawyer in Chandigarh high court and also for matters to contested at District courts of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali for variety of Legal Civil work such as Constitutional matters, Civil Writ petitions, Regular Second appeal, Civil revisions, Civil litigation matter like Civil suits related to money recovery, Rent matters, possession of property, succession certificates, Partitions, Divorce, Child custody, Maintenance,  specific performance  of contract, Wills, Arbitration, Commercial disputes, drafting of contract, Consumer matters Insurance and other legal civil work, we are providing credible legal services in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali and other parts Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh through our associates offices at every major district of these three states. Advocate Vikram singh and Our associated Civil advocate have Commendable argumentative skills and Knowledge of law with considerable expertise in filed of every branch of civil law. Legal services provided by our law firm are widely acknowledged for timely execution and cost effectiveness. Advocate Vikram Singh, strictly belief that law and court are not only meant for riches but under privileged, poor people of Society also have right to knock the door of court  for justice.


Civil Writ petitions before Punjab and Haryana High court

Regular second appeals, First appeal against order, Civil Revision before High court Chandigarh

Arbitration both domestic and International as well.

Appointment of Arbitrator, Execution of award, Appeal under section 34 of Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996

Insurance cases, accidental claims, Rent matters and their appeal before High court.


Civil suits related to money recovery, possession of property, succession certificates, Partitions

Suits related to specific performance of contract, WILLS and other property disputes

Consumer matter and their appeals

Insurance cases, accidental claims, Rent matters and their appeal before High court

Matrimonial Disputes, Divorce, Child custody, maintenence

Insurance cases, accidental claims, Rent matters and their appeal before High court.

Public interest litigation before high court

Land acquisition matters before High court

Matrimonial Disputes related to Divorce, Child Custody, Maintenance, Transfer petitions

High court marriage / Protection petitions

Drafting sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters, title verification

Legal formalities for integrated townships, due diligence before purchase of property

Matters related to armed forced before Armed force Tribunal, Panchkula

Marriage registration in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali

Constitution have made every one equal and it is duty of lawyer to made it reality and at advocateindia, we are bound to make it happen.


We have our main office in Chandigarh at High court premises, from where we provide all of our legal services and our associate lawyers have their law offices in every major city of Punjab and Haryana. Our full fledged law firm offers personalized legal services to our clients. Our law practice areas include Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution / Arbitration Corporate and Commercial Laws, Family and Divorce Law, Fundamental rights under Jurisdiction of Punjab and Haryana High court, Chandigarh and Supreme court of India. Our law firm also work in close associations with all designated Senior Advocates In Punjab and Haryana High court At Chandigarh.

With a team of best civil lawyers in Punjab and Haryana High court at Chandigarh and District courts in Panchkula and Mohali as well. Our clients expect results and we have the confidence to deliver. As a client of our law firm, you will not only receive highly-skilled legal representation, you will also be given first-class treatment. Our results, spanning over 10 glorious years, are well recognized and most of our clients come from client referrals. 


Our most of the clients choose us because of our focus on main four branches of law only i.e Civil, corporate, Criminal and DRT. we had strong presence through our associates in every major city and presence in Chandigarh with full strength of top Advocates and support staff. As every one is well aware Chandigarh is centrally located between Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pardesh and is capital city so therefore every major Government office, Court, Tribunal and forum is present here, which made it very easy to operate as full service law firm. we are also present on every online forum and provide online legal advice to our client as well.

we are very much concerned with the facts that majority of people could not afford expensive law firms, so we try to provide legal assistance to needy People in cost effective and affordable ways and also we do work for Social Justice in Haryana and Punjab and had filed number of Public interest Litigation (PIL) to raise social issues before Hon’ble court.

Need help with any kind of legal issues? Contact us now on 09988170779 or post your query to singhsadvocate@gmail.com