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One of the most preferred mode of doing  business by domestic and International Business house in India is appoint their agents by Agency agreements or appoint their Distribution network through Distributors at various location of India or appoint carry and forward agents at different locations, which suits to their requirement, this method is very convenient for Pharmaceutical companies, companies dealing in retail business and so many others types of companies. Another method which is very popular is to give Franchise to various Franchise holders, this is most popular with Textile Industries and Fashion Brands lifestyles store, Electronic goods companies  etc and it is very convenient too.


All these businesses were governed by terms and Conditions of agreement entered between parties, now these terms and conditions may be related to Delivery and receipts of material, its loading or unloading, further supply of material in market, collection of Payments from market etc. Since many international brands are coming to India these activities had increased multi fold and with these, related litigation had also increased amongst these parties and our law firm “Onlineadvocateindia” Provide One stop Online and actual legal Consultancy to our different Corporate clients from last many years and taking care of their corporate legal issues.  In these competitive Corporate world, it is very wise to take legal steps beforehand so that legal issues could be resolved without resorting to legal course However foreseeing all legal problems before hand is not possible but through a well defined corporate contract / agreement many aspects of problem could be anticipated and different clauses can be incorporated in Agency, Carry and Forward, Distribution and Franchising Contract / Agreement, which would minimize any legal problem later on.

At our law firm, Advocate Vikram Singh and other advocate are having good amount of experience in Drafting, wetting of different agency, Carry and Forward, Distribution and Franchising Agreements for different corporate clients including Joint Venture both domestic and international clients. It is very important to clearly define Operating Structure means Clear segregation of Responsibilities between both parties so that whole operation would run smoothly without any confusion and this can be achieved through clear and definite contract drafting which is Specialty of our law firm.


Sometime it may happen that after entering into Contract / agreement, both parties or one party to contract may realized that they are having trouble in running the business smoothly due to non segregation of responsibilities clearly amongst the parties, it is advisable that in this situation instead of opting out of contract. Structuring and reviewing of already made agreement could be done and restructure them as per the need of hour and as per need of clients. Our law firm had handled number of Corporate dispute of this kind, without any legal recourse.

Our law firm is also capable of advising on Consents,  to be given in different aspects of contracts and advise our client assessment of viability of project legally or otherwise, Liasioning for project with Government departments on every level like for  Environmental clearances,  pollution control, any permission or licence issues by using there corporate law experience. Some contracts are like American Packaging, looked very attractive initially but when you go deep inside, all they have is empty Air and lots of side effects. Like in some contract or tenders these above mentioned problems duely came forward at the stage of execution, along with them Distributor or Franchise Agreement hidden funding Arrangements could be put on Franchise- holder in great trouble, understanding these corporate legal issues is of vital importance for success of any corporate arrangement, it is very important to take care of them before hand.